Subject and features of regional geoecology

Subject and features of regional geoecology

In the framework of cooperation of Al-Farabi Kazakh National University with the Russian University of Peoples’ Friendship (RUDN Moscow) on the development of educational programs at the UNESCO Chair for Sustainable Development of the Faculty of Geography and Nature Management 14.11.2018. in 225 aud. at 12:00 a lecture was held on the subject “The subject and features of regional geoecology”. Lecturer, Ph. D., associate Professor of RUDN, Stanis Elena acquainted the students and undergraduates with the course “Regional Geoecology”, the features of regional assessment of the territory. The lecturer spoke in detail about the methods of assessing the geoecological conditions of the territories. She noted that the objects of regional geoecological analysis are the territories allocated by the nature and intensity of geoecological situations, which in turn is of particular interest. The use of geotechnical maps in the basis of such analyses improves the quality of the research.
Undergraduates-geoecologists with interest after listening to the course asked questions about the scientific approaches adopted for the integrated assessment of natural and industrial potential of the territories.

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