International Conference of  students and young scientists  “Farabi alemi”

International Conference of students and young scientists “Farabi alemi”

Faculty of Geography and Nature Management Kazakh National University named after al-Farabi invites you to take part in the International Scientific Conference of Students and Young Scientists “FARABI ӘLEMI”, which will be held from 8 to 10 April 2019.

To participate in the conference, students, undergraduates, doctoral students, young scientists of the Republic of Kazakhstan and countries of near and far abroad are invited.

The participants’ reports will be heard from April 8, 2019 at the sectional meetings.

The closing of the conference will be held April 11 at the Palace of Students. U. Dzholdasbekova KazNU them. Al-Farabi.

         Main goals and objectives of the conference:1)    stimulation of research and teaching and cognitive activities of students;2)    attracting students and young scientists to solve scientific problems of our time;3)    disclosure of creative abilities, selection and support of the most talented and gifted students;4)    assistance in building the intellectual potential of students.

Within the framework of the conference, from April 8, 2019, the following will be held:

  1. Open days.
  2. Round tables.
  3. Scientific debate.
  4. Master classes.
  5. Exhibitions.
  6. Photo exhibitions.
  7. Meetings with prominent scientists, politicians, lawyers.
  8. Intellectual games, presentations of PR agencies, etc.

Working languages ​​- Kazakh, Russian, English.

All expenses related to participation in the conference are paid by the participants.

Applications and abstracts are accepted in paper and electronic form by the conference secretaries before March  22, 2019.

At the conference it is planned to consider the actual problems of various branches of modern science in the following areas:

Section FULL NAME  of responsible Contact details
1 Meteorology


Orakova Gulnar +77013699456











Zhanabaeva Zhanara



Beksultanova Zhansaya +77058008292

3 Geography Kadylbekov Madiyar +77753950804

4 Land management       Bakirbaeva



5 Cadastre Еkeуbaeva Dinara +77756079092

6 Cartography  and geoinformatics Sarybayev Edil   +77077839882

7 Geodesy and Earth remote sensing




Kerimkulova Aigerim +77756822009

9 Safety of life and environmental protection Itzhanova Karlyga



10 Scientific Issues of Tourism


Kalimbetov Esen



11 Practice of Tourism

Conference materials will be published in the form of a collection.
All those wishing to participate in the conference submit applications in accordance with the following form:

Registration form:

Name (in full): ___________________________________________________________

Place of work or study: _________________________________________

Position (for students – a course), academic degree _______________________

Contact phone numbers: ___________________________________________________

E-mail: ______________________________________________

Mailing address where you can send materials published by:


Section Conference:  _____________________________________________

Oral communication or poster _________________________

Technical means necessary for the demonstration of the report  ___________

For students – Name, account. degree, scientific title of scientific adviser

*       *      *


  • The volume of up to 1 page;
  • Page parameters: the top margin is 2 cm, the bottom field is 2 cm, the left margin is 3 cm, the right field is 1.5 cm;
  • Font Times New Roman, KZ Times New Roman; font size – 12pt;
  • Line spacing – single; indention – 1 cm; book orientation; without headers and page layouts; the text is aligned to the width;

In addition to the materials, the file must also contain information about the authors (application for participation). The file with theses is called author.doc, where the author is the name of the student who will come to the conference, written in Latin letters, for example, Ivanov.doc. The abstract should be saved in Microsoft Word format.

*       *      *


On the next line – centered on the title of the report in CAPITAL LETTERS (in bold). At the end of the title the point is not set.

The authors’ names are arranged in one interval under the title of the abstracts, centered on the main text and printed in Times New Roman 11pt, in italics. In the list of authors, first the surname is followed by the initials of the authors.

The names of leaders are centered on the main text and are printed in Times New Roman 11pt in italics. In the list of authors, first the surname is followed by the initials of the authors.

After one interval, under the name of the institution, indicate the author’s e-mail address.

After one interval (an empty line) after the paragraph indentation – the article’s material itself.

The Conference Organizing Committee reserves the right to reject reports submitted outside the main areas of the conference that do not meet the above requirements. The Organizing Committee does not intend to edit the text of publications. The author is responsible for the sent data of the thesis.

One author has the right to publish no more than 2 theses.

(!) The volume of the text of the abstract: no more than one page (avoid illustrations)

The materials received by the Organizing Committee are published in the conference proceedings.

  The address of the organizing committee of the conference: Republic of Kazakhstan, 050040, Almaty, al-Farabi, 71. Tel .: +7 (727) 3773334 (ext. 1604) – head of the SRIS of the faculty of geography and nature management Tanabekova Gulzhanat.


Aidapkelov S.

under the leadership of M.I.

Kazakh National University named after al-Farabi


The text of the thesis. The text of the thesis. The text of the thesis.



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