Youth for the green development of Kazakhstan

Youth for the green development of Kazakhstan

Within the framework of the project “Ainalagdy Nurlandyr”, the head of the UNESCO Chair on Sustainable Development Bazarbaeva T.A., stuff Doszhanov E.O., Kerimkulova A.B., Bayseytov D.A., Tanybaeva A.K., Umbetbekov A.T., Tazhibaeva T.L., Mukanova G.A., Tanabekova G.B. and held a round table on the theme “Youth for the green development of Kazakhstan”, which was held in 225 classrooms with the participation of students, undergraduates. The president of the Republican public organization “Ecological Alliance” Azamathan Amirtayev was specially invited. During the meeting, Mr. Azamathan touched on topical issues related to environmental problems in the Republic of Kazakhstan. The issue of environmental education and environmental protection was also considered. At the end of the meeting, the head of the department Bazarbaeva T.A. said that in the future, the department will work closely with the Environmental Alliance.

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