Meeting with LPP “Ekoservice-S”

Meeting with LPP “Ekoservice-S”

On October 16, 2020, a working meeting of the teaching staff of the UNESCO Chair on Sustainable Development of KazNU named after al-Farabi, represented by the head of the department T.A. Bazarbayeva, associate professor R.A. Alybaeva, teacher A.A. Oshakbai with the management of the branch of Ekoservice-S LLP S.А. Askarov.

At this meeting, the work plan of the branch was discussed, including work in educational-methodological, organizational-methodological and scientific areas, the practice of undergraduates and the development of joint scientific projects, as well as the possibility of participation of teaching staff and undergraduates in scientific research.

The issue of developing scientific mentoring over research projects and promoting the integration of science and innovative production in the interests of the country’s socio-economic development was considered.

Lecturer at the UNESCO Chair on Sustainable Development

 Oshakbai A.A.

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