About the internship of undergraduates in the State Institution «Kazselezashchita»

The students of “7М05206-Hydrology” and “7М11201-life Safety and environmental protection” Faculty of geography and environmental sciences of KazNU named after al-Farabi in the framework of the research practice internshiped in the period from 14 September to 26 December 2020 on the basis of “Kazselezaschita”.

During the internship, Kazselezashchita specialists presented a presentation on the activities, tasks and main functions of the state institution in an online format. Using a mock-up map of Ile Alatau, the specialists showed the protection of the city of Almaty by hydraulic structures from possible dangerous hydrological phenomena; they also spoke in detail about preventive measures to reduce the danger and risks of breaking through high-altitude moraine and glacial lakes and held a bright question-and-answer session with students of the master’s program.

On November 24-25, undergraduates took part in a ground survey of avalanche-prone areas using UAVs in the Kishi and Ulken River basins of Almaty, where they were able to clearly see snow-retaining structures, review their condition and give an assessment. This event was held strictly under the guidance of competent persons, before leaving, undergraduates listened to a lecture on safety.

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