Separating waste – conserve nature of Kazakhstan!

Quality of garbage division depends on activity and consciousness of participants of process at all stages. Division of garbage is under responsibility of each separately taken citizen of the country. Really, that the system of selective collecting garbage brought expected results, active participation of everyone who throws out garbage is necessary. Without it, use of system by local authorities will be inefficient. Garbage division also demands certain time and the appendix of efforts for training of inhabitants.

Separate collection of waste

Separately collected waste — it NOT GARBAGE, these SECONDARY RAW MATERIALS from which it is possible to receive the goods necessary to us, without increasing load of environment.

“Green Economy”. The constant increase of cars on the roads of Kazakhstan

Now the auto transport is one of the main sources of emission of harmful substances in the atmosphere therefore their negative impact on the surrounding nature and human health reached considerable scales.

Build energy efficient city by EXPO 2017 Kazakhstan

Key concepts of an exhibition Astana the EXPO 2017 — “social and economic” and “ecologically steady” — result from reflections about energy use in a context of a sustainable development.

“Green Economy”: Rubbish policy

In Kazakhstan still don’t understand the garbage is a treasure!

Kazakhstan completed a project to promote “Green Bridge”

Bekbergen Kerey, deputy director of Department of green technologies: – We ecologists learn and see that there is a tendency of deterioration of environment. It first of all surface water, atmospheric air, big accumulation of waste in production and consumption. Today Kazakhstan intends to utilize this waste, there are prerequisites for this purpose. There is a potential.

In Shymkent presented the concept of the transition of Kazakhstan to the “green” innovation

Minimization of impact of production and the final product on environment, but also advance of initiatives of the company in this area became the main objective of ecological management not simply. However not always “green” approach gets a response from end users. The skeptical relation to new eco-friendly products is explained by confidence that by their production the plant or factory harms to environment not less, than during the work in a usual mode. Probably, these indicators are really comparable, but here operation “green” technologies much more reduces negative impact by the nature.

Green Bridge for future!

Nurlan Kapparov, the minister of environmental protection in the performance noted that in Kazakhstan the new era which in the next 10-20 years will have to reconstruct our economy on “green” begins. Our country differs on level of economic development in the region and surely rises up on a rating of the developed states of the world.

It does not replace!

Today the ecology of nature strongly depends on system of values of human society and pseudo-values which are fixed from generation to generation, since the childhood and on this to everyone, in a root long ago it is time to be engaged in their revaluation if the nature allows still to people time to change the life to rescue itself and the planet.

Green 60 seconds

Pure is not no where clean, but where do not litter!

It is good when the person realized that undesirable to scatter the garbage in not put places and better to look for a garbage box. If it didn’t explain in the childhood and the person reached this understanding by itself, it is a certain step on a self-development ladder.

Why, it isn’t favorable to any of us to litter, this step becomes very considerable.